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Local Interest & Local History Books

Longton History

Memories of Longton and Area by Jane Riding Smyth
Paperback 100 pages (October 1996) JR Smyth; ISBN: 0952551012

Huttone History


Hutton: A Millennium History by Alan Crosby
Hardcover - 160 pages (December 2000) Carnegie Publishing; ISBN: 1859360815

Published to mark the beginning of the new millennium, this text relates the story of the village of Hutton over the last 1000 years. What sort of lives did the people of Hutton lead, what did the parish look like in the past and what have been the influences for change over the centuries? This book provides the answers to many such questions, dealing with subjects as varied as the ancient landscape, the fisheries, old buildings, life in medieval Hutton, the grammar school, road and transport, the River Ribble and the police headquarters. Its detail gives a vivid picture of a Lancashire village community.

Farrington History

Farington, a Lancashire Cotton Mill Village: Way it Was by Joan Langford, Tim Carter (Editor)
Paperback (October 2001) Leyland Historical Society; ISBN: 0951877461
West Lancashire History
Leadbetter Papers: Being Certain. Aspects of West Lancashire History,14th-19th Centuries by Frank Leadbetter.
Paperback - 45 pages (September 1992) F.Leadbetter; ISBN: 0952009900

Leyland Hundred History

History of the County of Lancashire: Leyland Hundred and Part of Blackburn Hundred William Farrer (Editor), J Brownbill (Editor)
Hardcover facsimile edition (1 July, 1992) Dawson Publishing; ISBN: 0712910581

History of Freckleton

The History of Freckleton by Peter Shakeshaft
Hardcover - 280 pages (November 2001) Carnegie Publishing; ISBN: 185936084X

History is everywhere in Freckleton - it can be seen in the very physical and social fabric of this village near Preston, Lancashire. The shape of the fields, the street plan, the houses and buildings are all evidence in one way or another of hundreds of years of human endeavour, character and tragedy. The village is known for many things: its grazing marshes, its boat-yard and the bleak beauty of the Naze; but above all for its very strong sense of community, witnessed by the range and number of church and social organizations flourishing in the area. Peter Shakeshaft has delved into a range of archives, as well as talking to dozens of local residents, to uncover the village's rich and varied history. There have been settlements in the area since as far back as the Bronze Age, while the name itself is Anglo-Saxon in origin. In the medieval period the de Freckleton family was prominent, while the Black Death claimed over one-third of the population in 18 months. The Tudor and Stuart periods saw a number of families rise to prominence, and Freckleton even witnessed a minor Civil War battle. This predominantly agricultural village moved into manufacturing in the 18th and 19th centuries with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, and then suffered when King Cotton declined. Arguably its darkest hour came during World War II with the tragic events of 1944. The author weaves these local and regional elements into their wider context, and he brings to life names which will be familiar to everyone in the area: Harrison, Hall, Rigby, Brown, Garlick, Rawstrone, Cowburn, Hankinson, Sharples, Iddon and Mayor, to name a few.

North Meols to South Ribble by John Cotterall
Paperback - 1985, ISBN 0907511899

Chorley History

A History of Chorley by J. Heyes
Paperback (1994) Lancashire County Books; ISBN: 1871236312

Chorley in the 1950's

Chorley Through the Fifties by Jack Smith
H ardcover - 208 pages (September 1999) Breedon Books; ISBN: 1859831605

Old postcards

Chorley in Old Picture Postcards by Jack Smith
Paperback (1 November, 1998) Europese Bibliotheek B.V., Uitgeverij Boekhandel Antiquariaat; ISBN: 9028811303

Preston History

Preston Memories
Hardcover True North Holdings; ISBN: 1903204410

People from Preston

People of Old Preston by Keith Johnson
Paperback (1 January, 1998) Winckley Press; ISBN: 0907769160

Ghost stories of Preston

Chilling True Tales of Old Preston by K.A. Johnson
Paperback (1998) Insight Press, Bristol; ISBN: 0907769209

Childhood Memories

Memories of a Preston Childhood by Alan Wilding
Paperback (1992) Palatine Books; ISBN: 1874181020

Old Photographs of Preston

Preston in Old Photographs by Alan Crosby
Paperback Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 1840151838
Walks around Parbold
Walking in Parbold and South West Lancs by Ormskirk Book and Art Shop.
50 pages (April, 1995); ISBN: 0951257714

Canal Carriers of Lancashire

Lancashire Canal Carriers by Norman Jones
Paperback (May 2000) Foxline Publishing; ISBN: 1870119541
Rural Lancashire Life
Rural Life in South West Lancashire by Mutch
Paperback (January 1988), Centre for North West Regional Studies; ISBN: 0901272361

Social History of Lancashire

Lancashire : A Social History, 1558-1939 Walton
Paperback (31 December, 1988) Manchester University Press; ISBN: 0719017017

Lancashire in the 1700's

Seventeenth-century Lancashire J I Kermode (Editor), C B Phillips (Editor)
Hardcover (January 1984) Hist. Soc. of Lancs. & Ches; ISBN: 0950359149

Old Lancashire

Memories of Old Lancashire by Dawn Robinson-Walsh
Paperback (1 December, 1994) Aurora Publishing; ISBN: 1859260470

Thora Hirds Memories

Thora Hird's Book of Bygones by Thora Hird
Paperback - 192 pages (6 July, 1998) Fount; ISBN: 0006280684

Thora looks back at domestic life, the theatre, going to church, growing up before the war, working in shops, and, never forgetting her true Morecambe roots, the hustle and bustle of the Northern seaside town. In her chatty and anecdotal style, she reminds us of all those words, objects and expressions that have gone out of modern usage and illustrates them with stories from her own early years.

The Wakes Holidays in Lancashire

Lancashire Wakes Holidays by Robert Poole
Paperback (1994) Lancashire County Books; ISBN: 1871236355

Memories of Lancashire

Francis Frith's Lancashire Living Memories by Francis Frith (Photographer)
Hardcover - 96 pages (28 February, 2001) The Frith Book Company Ltd; ISBN: 1859373356

Buy the Lancashire Village Book

The Lancashire Village Book by the Lancashire Federation of Women's Institutes
Paperback - 256 pages (6 March, 1990) Countryside Books; ISBN: 1853060763

Historic towns in Lancashire

Historic Towns of Lancashire by John Burgess
Paperback (31 December, 1990) J Burgess Publications; ISBN: 1855620170

History of the Lancashire cotton industry

The Lancashire Cotton Industry by Mary Rose
Hardcover (1996) Lancashire County Books; ISBN: 187123638X

Industry in Lancashire

Made in Lancashire by Geoffrey Timmins
Hardcover - 376 pages (29 October, 1998) Manchester University Press; ISBN: 0719045398

This is an analysis of the development of the Lancashire economy since the 16th century. In particular it charts the move from an agrarian to a manufacturing base, arguing that industrial activity, especially in the textile trades, had become strongly represented in the economy well before the classic Industrial Revolution era. Analysis is undertaken of such key issues as the change from domestic to factory production and of the growing concentration of manufacturing activity in urban areas. The study goes right up to the present day, enabling use to be made of recent information and statistics from local government and regional planning bodies.

Lancashire life

Lancashire Life (with the Whitehead Family) by David E. Wray
Paperback - 286 pages (December 1999) Minerva Press; ISBN: 0754105458

Life in the cotton mills of the 1900s required keen skills and hard labour with many families passing the expertise through their generations. This memoir of the Whitehead family is set in the early decades of the 20th century and follows the changes that Moorland Mill undergoes.

Lancashire Dialect Dictionary

The Lancashire Dictionary of Dialect, Tradition and Folklore by Alan Crosby (Editor)
Hardcover - 234 pages (5 July, 2000) Smith Settle; ISBN: 1858251230

Old Map of Preston

Central Preston 1909
Map facsimile of 1909 edition (1981) Alan Godfrey Maps; ISBN: 0850545927

Old Map of Preston

Preston (West) 1909
Map facsimile of 1909 edition (1981) Alan Godfrey Maps; ISBN: 0850546664

Old map of Chorley

Chorley 1909
Map facsimile of 1909 edition (1981) Alan Godfrey Maps; ISBN: 0850542499

Old Map of Lancashire

Lancashire: 1577
Map (1 January, 1990) British Library Publishing; ISBN: 0712304630